Ministry of Interior Denies Allegation of Sexual Abuse at the Ministry

Somaliland’s ministry of interior denies allegations that a female employee was sexually and financially exploited in the ministry by means of blackmail.

Today, the deputy interior minister, Naasir Aideed, said no such case happened at the ministry of the interior.

Minister Aideed said the person who published the story will have to prove the case. He added that the publisher will be pursued by the justice system. 

The allegation was first published by Ismail Ubah, the former director of Hargeisa Cultural Center. On a Facebook post, Ismail told the alleged story of a female government employee who suffered repeated sexual and financial exploitation by her superior.

The story which not provide any names goes like this: the female employee had a disagreement with the secretary of one of the ministry officials. That official summoned the woman to his office and threatened her with dismissal unless she reached an understanding with him.

Apparently, that understanding involved sexual favors to the unnamed official. The worse is yet to come, as the woman further alleges that the woman was filmed performing the sexual favor in the building of the ministry. 

That official then used that film to coerce her for more sexual favors, and finally, half of her salary.

Ismail Ubah in subsequent update announced that the woman was jailed in Daloodho police station after he published the story. 

Farhan Adan Haybe the head of Somaliland’s Civil Service said that after carrying out an investigation, they become convinced that such abuse did not take place. He called on the Ismail to bring out if he has any evidence.